|| Mel Bedggood

The Architectural Visionary

Mel is the Principal Founder of g.d and a SME in organisational culture, mental health and wellbeing, leadership, systemic alignment and engagement and community development. Drawn to finding innovative solutions to complex issues, Mel has a vast background in service development and quality improvement initiatives through leadership, governance and advisory roles at the local, regional and national levels. Her background includes development of national frameworks, transformation change leadership as well as quality and safety governance in the DHB setting and foundational national work planning under the wider Health umbrella. With qualification and experience in clinical practice in the area of mental health and social sciences, she is an expert on people wellness and human complexity within a system setting. She has also established two nationally top performing start-up sites under the Ministry of Social Development (now under the Ministry for Children). Mels success is grounded by the locating the core stakeholder lens and designing a systemic and innovation driven response. She has extensive experience in partnered response, co-design of programme delivery and stakeholder engagement.

|| Jan Polley

The Guidance Commander

Jan's background is in the Health and Education Public Sectors, with a significant expertise in Maori Health Services. Jan is a SME in health and wellbeing, governance, and alignment and engagement. Her experience spans across leadership and governance, in various roles including at the team, local and national level. This includes roles in several Expert Advisories under the Health, Quality and Safety Commission. Jan's natural empathy for your fellow being, underpins her commitment to ensuring connection, sense of belonging and growth, through continually adding to your knowledge kete in all areas of your life.

|| Tiffany Holden

The Empowering Captain

Tiffany has an innate talent for uncovering the best in people. Tiffany is a SME in leadership, culture and people engagement and has delivered and led multiple Ministerial contracts in the context of Kaupapa Intensive and early Intervention Services. This has included grassroots service delivery in both urban and rural community settings.  Her leadership style reflects those of the greats; selfless, modest and yet an unwavering resolve. Tiffany has a passion for building teams that feel safe, connected and empowered.

|| Kate Montgomerie

The Super Dreamer

Kate's big picture' solution focussed lens, is captured in her 'if you can think it, you can achieve it' mantra. Kate SME in social sciences and human motivation with a passion for innovative technology and learning. With a background of 12 years in education and leadership, Kate's love for learning and people, combined with her can do attitude and dedication to research and technology, drives her success in inspiring people to create 'real life' change through meaningful, innovative learning.

|| Steve Lasslett

The Transformer

Steve is an innovator with a passion for 'outside the box thinking' and translating complex information into 'simple' concepts. Steve is a SME in human and group performance and brings highly specialised knowledge with a background of 18 years in Adult Education and 15 years Coaching experience with individuals and teams. His areas of expertise include human performance, lifestyle/behaviour change, workplace health and well being, motivation and growth mindset development and mindfulness. 

Our Vision

A changed world through unleashing the potential of teams, organisations and communities to be connected, inspired and committed to united growth.