We bring transformative solutions for organisational change priorities and specialise in vast organisational structures, which are often complex when it comes to engagement and alignment. Whilst transformative organisational change can be complicated, our SIMPLE method breaks down the process to provide ease of understanding for you and your people.


Any change involving people requires the foundation of relationship. A key indicator of workplaces who have challenges with their culture, is a lack of trust. To rebuild this trust, establishing a trusting relationship in the Growth Development and organisation partnership is the foundational first step, no matter how big or small that process is.  We walk alongside your organisation throughout the whole process of transformative change, ensuring you and your people have guidance and support from the right lens of expertise. 


Understanding perspectives and context is everything when it comes to understanding any presenting organisational people challenges. We will start by seeking to understand. Finding out as much as we can about your organisation; what is important, what is working well and the current challenges. We will work with your people to gain insight from all perspectives, which provides the foundation for mapping out the plan forward.


We tailor a plan just for your organisation to get you to where you want to be. Growth Development's core expertise is alignment and engagement. This means that we focus on bringing together all the good work that is already going on in your organisation. We also identify where the tension points are and how to overcome these, as well as identifying and engaging opportunities to build towards your vision.


Our team works across your organisation to put the plan into practice and get you to where you want to be. This means that the custom alignment and engagement team designed for you is working with your people, in partnership, to make it happen.


Growth Development's expert knowledge encompasses the interrelated areas of engagement, alignment, performance and workplace culture. We will bring you the culture and performance coaching expertise, as well as, training and resources required to change your people's behaviour and experience, building upon what you have already invested in.  


We are about sustainable results. This means regular review and adaption. Responding to insights as they arise, to enable growing your organisation to have the skills, knowledge and tools to build a self-sustaining high performance culture.

So what will working with Growth Development look like?

Your organisation will be assigned a Growth Development Strategist from the outset. Your Strategist is an expert in system analysis and alignment, they lead the process of developing insight and working with your leadership to map out the right plan to suit your needs. They will pull together the right team for you from our engagement specialists, analysts, and educators. This team will develop a relationship with your people, providing not only support and guidance around achieving change to link together all the good stuff already happening, but also creating a sense of comradery, which subsequently feeds the momentum of the transformation.

Engagement can look a number of ways, depending on where the tensions sit within (or even externally) to the organisational structure and what you have already invested in. Our engagement approach is grounded in community development philosophy with a 'bottom up' focus. We ensure your engagement process reflects the fundamentals of sound bottom up development to set you up for success. We then develop the linkages throughout your organisation, engaging our alignment lens grounded in systems theory.

This combination of engagement and alignment ensures that the people come up to the vision, as opposed to the vision down on the people (research identifies the core reason most change endeavours fail is because of a lack of 'buy in' from the people). Putting it all into practice can take several forms. To provide example, this could involve facilitation of 'mastermind' projects throughout your organisation bringing together key perspectives; to begin to 'knit' your organisation, creating the connections where they are missing and building up to your vision.

Our primary learning platform is in the form of seminars, which can be customised under our Culture Transformations. We use the latest in technology to provide an engaging and innovative experience, that can cater to large organisational groups. Where required, we also provide coaching and advisory services which can be 1:1 or a coach or advisor joining key initiatives to provide the expert lens from one or more of our specialist areas. Evaluation of outcomes progress is essential to sustainable change. A part of the plan will be building in 'review' and 'feedback looping'; for formal and spontaneous evaluation to inform adaption of the plan.  This is our promise to achieve sustainable transformative change for your organisation. 

Our Mission

Unleashing the potential of people to be connected, inspired and committed to their growth and the growth of their organisation.